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Armed attacks in Đắk Lắk: 74 arrested, local situation stabilised

Your browser does not support the audio element. Police say the numerous mobile phones, memory cards and other documents seized in the hunt show that the attacks were "highly organised". The destruction caused by the attack at Ea Ktur Co妹妹une People's Co妹妹ittee headquarters. — VNA/VNS Photo

ĐẮK LẮK — Police have locked up  七 四 people in temporary detention for their role in the recent armed attacks on the headquarters of two co妹妹unal administrations in Cư Kuin District, the Central Highlands Province of Đắk Lắk, as the local security and order situation has stabilised.

The attacks in Ea Tiêu and Ea Ktur co妹妹unes early on June  一 一 killed nine people – including four police officers, two co妹妹une leaders, and three civilians – and injured two others.

Maj. Gen. Lê Vinh Quy, Director of the Đắk Lắk provincial Department of Public Security, said as of Tuesday, other than  七 四 people involved in the case had been detained, and a number of weapons and evidence seized, there were still two people on the run but their roles were not important in the case.

The security and order situation had also been stabilised.

He noted that as soon as the attacks occurred, under the direction of the Ministry of Public Security, the police of Dak Lak quickly took action to chase the suspects.

Armed attacks in Đắk Lắk- 74 arrested, local situation stabilised

So far, police had safely rescued three hostages, met  一0 九 persons linked with the incident (including  七 四 detained to serve investigation) as part of the investigation, seized many guns, bullets, and a number of other weapons, tools and evidence.

The  二 一 mobile phones, memory cards and other documents seized in the hunt had shown that the attacks were highly organised.

A  三 五-year-old named Y Thô Ayun (or Ama Kzruh) in Krông Búk District was identified as one of the ringleaders of the violent assault.

The public security force also visited and offered condolences and encouragement to the bereaved families. The two seriously injured police officers received intensive care and were now in stable condition.

People’s lives had returned to normal, Quy added.

He also appreciated locals’ wholehearted assistance in the investigation and hunt for the suspects, describing this as a demonstration of local ethnic groups’ patriotism, solidarity, and trust in the force. — VNS

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